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Smith’s Unveils New Product


SMITHSSmith’s Provisions, longtime purveyor of meat products for the Erie area, has announced that it is adding organic tofu to their list of products available for purchase.
The tofu made its debut at the new Erie County Farms last week, prompting long time Smith’s customer Neil Osbourne to declare, “What the hell is THAT?” as he loaded his cart with hot dogs and walked away from the tofu display at great speed.
Emily Haines, another loyal Smith’s buyer, remarked, “I’ll bet if you put enough Greek sauce on it, it might be OK.”
Smith’s spokesman Frank Hamm stated that they have already sold almost one package of the bean curd, and are expecting sales to double in the coming weeks.

UPDATE : Smith’s Organic Tofu has been discontinued due to lack of sales.

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6 thoughts on “Smith’s Unveils New Product

  1. I can’t defend tofu, and I eat it! I actually prefer it in some dishes… but that whole thing of pushing it on people, tricking them into eating it, and pretending it’s exactly like meat is pure crap. It’s completely different, and you’ve got to actually want and like it for exactly what it is.

    And for the love of God, please stop trying to make cheese out of it!


  2. Every retailer should discontinue the sale of Tofu! It’s the most disgusting product on earth!


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