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Love Hurts, but Not as Much as a Stab Wound

love hurts

I felt it was time to re-post these beautiful and poignant words.

I wrote this during a period of deep personal healing…but mostly, I was drunk.

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46 thoughts on “Love Hurts, but Not as Much as a Stab Wound

  1. love you blog and your ability to rationalize. 🙂


  2. Profound! 😀


  3. 😆

    I had to share this with my coworkers. One fresh bowl of Love, lol.


  4. That’s deep. And speaking of deep, I bet being stabbed in the hemorrhoids with a bayonet would hurt, too. Just sayin’. No real-life experimentation required…


  5. aiflcblog on said:

    hey r u there


  6. As I write this, tears are streaming down my face — from laughter! Love you deep thoughts! TiV


  7. Just like the opposite of love is not hate but avoid. I think with human beings, the tendency of intermixing concepts is viable. Can’t help it 🙂 Well, this is brilliant. Thanks sharing!


  8. Will each of the next nine days show Phil even more love? Looking forward to it ; )


  9. This is the most inspirational thing I’ve ever read. It made me sob like a child and I’m sure a little pee leaked out as well. Crying pee is the purist kind.


  10. It’s hard for me to comment through all the tears.


  11. So much truth. Thanks for this!


  12. MOL!!! I Think you have a bright future there, human….not so sure about the turtle. When a turtle gets an attitude, do they call it “turtitude?”


  13. You would turn your own toe into soup, when your turtle bit it off and digested it? If a human eats a human, it is called cannibalism, what do we call a human who eats a pet that has eaten a human???

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  14. A card I wish to send to SOOOOOoooo many people! LOL


  15. Oh wow, I think I’m going to have you write inspirational quotes for my book chapters. Then again, I don’t suppose I could afford talent like that!


  16. The emotion. The feeling. The thought-provoking prose.

    The bullshit.

    Brilliant, Lar. Frakking brilliant, bro.


  17. aiflcblog on said:

    great line by you .


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