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Prince Charming Charged With Sexual Harassment

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In shocking news several princesses have come forward with the claim that Prince Charming, heir apparent to the throne,  has sexually harassed them. No princess has been publicly identified but the reports are coming in from all throughout the kingdom. “He stalked me.” said one unnamed young woman. “I lost a shoe at one of his parties trying to escape his advances.” Two separate women have accused the prince of kissing them without consent while they were in a deep slumber. “I had just eaten an apple” said one of the women.  ”I wanted to take a little nap in my glass coffin. I was not even awake when he started kissing me.” Yet another woman has come forward with the claim that Prince Charming “Pulled my hair so hard that he was able to use it as a climbing rope.” More on this story as information becomes available.

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6 thoughts on “Prince Charming Charged With Sexual Harassment

  1. Wow!!!!
    Cultural retrofitting an old children fairy tales.
    Just as well—-they WERE a bit sexist in nature anyway …..


  2. Next will be the dwarfs charged with kidnapping and imprisoning Snow White. Men are not the only perpetrators . I understand Goldilocks will finally be prosecuted for victimizing the Three Bears.


  3. Absolutely shocking!! The Prince should be thrown to the lions !!!


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