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There’s No Crying in Baseball–Just Obscene Gestures

Mr. met fired

Earlier this week, Mr. Met, the beloved mascot of the New York Mets found himself in hot water when he was caught on camera giving a fan the middle finger. A particularly amazing feat considering he has only four fingers on either hand.

It’s still unclear what provoked the outburst, but some insight was provided by Mr. Met’s long time friend, Otto the Orange.

“People think that because his head is a giant baseball with no discernable ears, they say anything they want without consequence,” Otto said, “but he’s a very sensitive soul and he really takes things to heart…plus he drinks heavily and he hates children.”

otto the orange

Otto the Orange, fellow mascot and bulbous headed freak.

The famous San Diego Chicken was contacted for comment. He said he wasn’t certain what had happened exactly, but he thought Mr. Met had really laid an egg with his actions. He then clucked hysterically, clutched his chest and fell over dead. He will be laid to rest later this week in an orange sauce with a side of green beans with miso and almonds.

the chicken

An Icon in the world of mascots…and so delicious.

“It’s difficult when you have a giant bulbous head that’s disproportionate to your body,” Charlie Brown of the Peanuts comic commented. “You tip over if the slightest breeze hits you, people laugh at you, but just wait for a rainstorm and they’re all gathering under your head for shelter.” Then he just sighed and said, “good grief.”

After being fired by the Mets organization Mr. Met’s future is uncertain.

“Well, I’m from New York City, I’m weird looking, and I’ve been publicly disgraced–I’ll probably just run for Congress.”

Mr. Met

Mr. Mets campaign poster–he’ll do well in NYC.


Petition This

I'm Batman...for now.

I’m Batman…for now.

A resident of Westland, Michigan has filed an official petition with the Obama administration, asking the President to denounce the choice of Ben Affleck as the next Batman, and have the role recast.

The petition filer couldn’t be reached at his residence, his mother said that he was in the basement, and he didn’t want to be bothered.

Following in these footsteps of brilliance, I am now in the process of filing the following petitions:

  • Sack John Kerry as Secretary of State, and replace him with Levi from the Amish Mafia.
  • Replace the stodgy old image of the bald eagle on U.S. currency, with a hilarious drawing of Woody Woodpecker.
  • Create a third house of Congress comprised completely with losing contestants from the Bachelorette.
  • Every family in the country gets a helper monkey named Mojo.
What could be more helpful than this?

What could be more helpful than this?

  • Judge Judy: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
  • Any time the President is introduced, Kid Rock’s “American Badass,” plays in the background.
  • Only men who have a history of sexual deviance, may run for Mayor of New York City. (Sorry, this is already happening.)
  • Anthony Weiner’s cellphone to be rigged, so it can only send or receive images from fat guys named Earl, who constantly make fun of his name.
  • The closing bell on Wall Street to be replaced with a recording of Porky Pig, stammering the words, “that’s all folks.”
  • Justin Bieber will be deported unless he puts his shirt back on, and stops acting like an idiot.
  • President Obama will be constitutionally compelled to refer to Vice President Biden as his “Little Buddy” ala the Skipper and Gilligan.
  • Ben Affleck will have the constitutional right to go to the petition filer’s home, and slap the crap out of him.

If I have missed anything, let me know.

Introducing your new congressmen.

Introducing your new congressmen (American Badass, plays in the background)



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