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Just a Quick Question for Bloggers


Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve just finished the perfect blog post, put the final touches on it, and edited it to your satisfaction.

But just as you’re about to hit the publish button, you notice the word count sits at 666 words. That’s a funny coincidence you think…but you’re hesitating to hit the publish button.

It doesn’t mean your blog post bears the mark of the beast, right?

It’s not like you have a fear of numbers. You don’t suffer from triskaidekaphobia after all.

(I just want you all to know I spelled triskaidekaphobia correctly on first try.)

Just because one blog post came out to 666 words doesn’t mean you’re the Antichrist–that’s clearly one of your cousins.

Your blog posts aren’t apocalyptic–they’re pretty bad–but not fire and brimstone bad.

(I did not spell apocalyptic correctly on the first try.)

So you dismiss this foolishness…then you go back and change the post to come out with 665 words.

Has this ever happened to you?

Addendum: I was just joking with that thing about your cousins…mostly.

fire and brimstone

You should have changed the word count.


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20 thoughts on “Just a Quick Question for Bloggers

  1. No. But my blog is full of cute animals, so I doubt the Antichrist would come near it.


  2. I have quite a few of them on my blog. Most of them were not deliberate but I have edited at least one post to hit the exact word limit.


  3. The only time I stop to check the word count is when I am writing a Friday Fictioneers post and the word count is restricted to 100. Also, checking my posts is something I tend to do after posting, a bad habit I know but I have so few readers I can usually edit at my leisure. 🙂


  4. One reason I do cartoons instead of essay.


  5. scribblersdip on said:

    I personally have a preference for “evil” numbers …. and like all delightful yin yang things, the “evil numbers” have their counterparts by being “sister saintly” – often “angelical” in nature … but hey, don’t be dragging my cousins into this, they don’t know about my closet affiliations and dark arts charms …. and what’s in a number anyhow? unless it’s the latest winning string for powerball?

    Now there’s a question, if you bought a randomly picked numbers ticket for a lottery, like Powerball (I”m guessing the machine can randomly pick – I’m not American so can’t be sure how it works) and you looked at the ticket and saw a whole listing of “evil numbers” – what would you do? Announce the end of the world and run off in apocalyptic proclamation? Or would you saying nothing and pray that it was the winner? And what if it was the winning ticket? Would that prove the long-haired …. right, best stop now …. don’t want to offend anyone or their cousin?

    Admirably smart-*ss post that had me laughing and thinking – fang-dangerous combination 😀


  6. I haven’t ever had a blog post perfectly come out to 666 words, but then again, I’m not in league with Satan. *sips tea like the Kermit meme* But that’s none of my business.

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  7. I just pretend I’m Jared Kushner and go with the evil number.

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