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Stupid Mayans and John Cusack

Don't believe this man; he is a liar.image source:

Don’t believe this man; he is a liar.
image source:

So it’s December 22, 2012 and the world hasn’t come to an end. What a freaking rip-off.

For years now the hype has been building. There was going to be volcanoes. There was going to earthquakes. The Earth was going to flip over on its axis and cause huge tsunamis and global flooding.

John Cusack was going to heroically drag his dysfunctional family through one impossible scenario after another, defying the laws and science and pushing the Willing Suspension of Disbelief to its limits.

I’m disappointed in you John Cusack. I’m going to burn my copy of Say Anything.

All we got yesterday where I live, was an inch of lake effect snow. We were supposed to get six to ten inches. What an absolute freaking rip-off.

This post would be longer, but now that the world’s not coming to an end, I’ve got a pile of Christmas shopping to do.

If you can’t count on impending doom, what can you count on?

We were supposed to get this.image source: armageddononline

We were supposed to get this.
image source: armageddononline

What we got was this; pleasant isn't it?image source:

What we got was this; pleasant isn’t it? Freaking rip-off.
image source:

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15 thoughts on “Stupid Mayans and John Cusack

  1. I too like Joan. Perhaps it’s her speech impediment. It’s endearing. She tugs my heart strings like a Special Olympics kid. John gets a pass from me because he insists that everyone who casts him also cast Joan. The Mayans, however, are overrated. No wonder they’re dead.


  2. Now I have to pay my taxes. Bummer.


  3. I caught an apocalyptic cold. Does that count? I’d be happy to give it away to anybody who needs a little suffering…


  4. yep, I gotta finish up my Christmas shopping too


  5. Those Cusacks will get you every time…


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