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It’s Just So Stupid (A Quick Commentary About the NHL Labor Dispute)

What we’re missing.
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It’s just so stupid.

Come on owners: you set a record for profits last year. The average person has to sell a kidney to get rink-side seats in your arenas. Both kidneys if you want a couple of beers during the game.

Come on players: your average salary is 2.4 million dollars a year. And the league pays for your dental work, that’s got to be worth at least 100 grand a year by itself.

Think about those poor sports fans in Western New York, sitting in their homes, buried under ten feet of lake effect snow, eating their Buffalo wings. They’ve got nothing to watch. (The Bill’s suck.)

Think about the sports fans in Minnesota; you can only do so much ice fishing.

And what about all of those sports fans in Canada. Sure, curling is entertaining, but unless they start whacking each other with those brooms, it’s just not the same.

Come on, figure it out.

What we’re not missing.
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2 thoughts on “It’s Just So Stupid (A Quick Commentary About the NHL Labor Dispute)

  1. I’m with you. When I heard they just wanted more money I was stunned. How much is enough for some people?


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