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Erie County Trick or Treat Safety Tips: Try Not to Be Eaten

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Erie, Pa—The Erie County Health and Safety Department has released a set of safety tips for this year’s trick-or-treat season.
It is vital your children must wear a mask while trick or treating. Whether the mask is a part of a costume or just a mask in general, be certain your child is wearing one. Remember this: most of your children are ugly–some bordering on hideous–their faces should be covered.
Some trick-or-treating will occur during hours of darkness, and you will be crossing streets and roadways, so it is imperative that your children have high visibility. (Except for their faces–we don’t want to see their faces.)
Inevitably, at some point in the night, you will come to one of those houses that are giving away pennies, walnuts, or dental floss. At that juncture, you will be required by law to egg that house. Raw eggs can be a source of salmonella, so be sure to take care.
In recent years there have been claims of roving bands of inbred cannibals out on the night of trick or treating, looking for a snack; those are wild and unfounded rumors. That being said–the cannibals will pick off a few kids. However, the likeliness of your child being taken by a cannibal is very low. Frankly, your child is far more likely to be taken by a coyote than a cannibal; those freakin’ coyotes are everywhere.
Should you make it through the night unscathed (it happens), don’t allow your child to gorge themselves on candy. It can cause a myriad of health issues, and it is important to note: coyotes go after the weak ones first.

coyote cartoon
Had Wile E. Coyote plied the Roadrunner with candy, his fortunes may have been better.

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City To Address Increase In Lawn Mattresses — gooferie

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