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You Found What on Your What Now?

The following search engine terms cropped up on my stats page:

why does mySo it seems there is someone out there with a problem. I have few points to make. (And yes, I’m going to ignore the “sexy man riding a unicorn images” addition to this list, it horrifies me.)

  • If I were suffering from this particular malady, and in a dire search for answers, a blog entitled idiotprufs is not blog that I would choose for answers.
  • I can write with a degree of certainty; this blog was absolutely no help at all to the person in question.
  • I know what you’re thinking: but isn’t laughter the best medicine? No it is not. There are several occasions when medicine is the best medicine: a gunshot wound to the head, a pick-ax in the eyeball, a papercut in that v-shaped space in-between your fingers (seriously, that hurts), and when you have weird and alarming protrusions on your dangle.

However, after a great deal of soul-searching (watching several episodes of The Rockford Files on Netflix) I came to a conclusion: why shouldn’t I be able to help?

After doing exhaustive research, (mostly googling weird penis problems) conferring with a myriad of professionals, (friends who I thought would get a good chuckle out of weird penis problems) and pondering all the possibilities, I decided that I could be of assistance.

The Question:

Why does it look like my penis has bug bites on the bottom of it?

The Answer:

You have probably put your penis somewhere you shouldn’t have.

The Solution:

Stop doing that.

Life really is simple if you want it to be.

If should happen to try this search term, don't click on images. Just don't do it.

If you should happen to try this search term, don’t click on images. Just don’t do it.

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12 thoughts on “You Found What on Your What Now?

  1. Everyone seems to have interesting search terms. Mine are often undefined or unknown.


  2. Does the lack of a girlfriend during the corresponding period have anything to do with your obsession with penises?


  3. I can see if it was a guy on” Naked and Afraid “in the middle of the jungle…..but one guy on there ( I watched) said his junk stunk so bad no bugs would go near it! maybe that’s a solution….don’t wash your junk!! Thank god for no smell a vision!!


  4. revengestar on said:


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  5. In fact, he came to the right place. I think I can help…

    Q: “Why does my penis look like it has bug bites at the bottom of it?”

    A: It’s because bugs are biting the bottom of your penis.

    Occam’s Razor will always do the trick.

    (You can find an Occam’s Razor in the shaving aisle… but any razor should do, sharp or dull.)


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