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Errant Cannon Fire from Niagara Deflates World’s Largest Rubber Duck

I am overjoyed at how many people thought this really happened.


frdTragedy struck at Erie’s Tall Ships Festival this morning when a cannon from the Niagara misfired and shot a cannonball into the world’s largest rubber duck, deflating it within minutes.

Witnesses say the giant duck was floating about 30 yards from the Niagara when the shot was fired. “It’s a shame,” said festival patron Ernie, no last name given. “I’m awfully fond of that rubber ducky.”

Repairs are already underway as workers have gathered over 100 rolls of duck tape to patch up the hole.

The owners of the duck, Big Duck LLC, plan on sending the bill to the Niagara League. They will also submit an invoice for damages.

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10 thoughts on “Errant Cannon Fire from Niagara Deflates World’s Largest Rubber Duck

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  5. I think the duck was a Russian plant and now the world is a safer place.


  6. I think it’ll take more than 100 rolls of duck tape… 😉


  7. They shot a 60 foot duck with a cannon? These Duck Dynasty people must feel such losers now…


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