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Just a Bit of Advice

bat crazy

If you’re a person who is deeply offended by being told you’re acting bat-shit crazy–stop acting bat-shit crazy.

I know this seems like a profundity that is so pure, so simple, and so obvious, that it hardly warrants mentioning…but evidently it does.

So stop it!

Thank You


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10 thoughts on “Just a Bit of Advice

  1. You can tell me all you want I’m Bat-Shit-Crazy but I’ll never stop!! Life would be so boring! ps… I love Bob Newhart! 🙂


  2. Shit is the operative word.
    We can be bat-shit crazy, full of shit, up shit’s creek and shit-faced all at the same time. We can shoot the shit, be in deep shit, have shit for brains, knock the shit out of someone …
    Well, no shit, Captain Obvious!

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  3. Totes Cray Cray!


  4. Problem is, if you act normal, your behavior would seem bat-shit crazy to an observer who is bat-shit crazy. So just because someone tells you you’re bat-shit crazy doesn’t mean you need to change. Problem is, what if it’s really you who is bat-shit crazy and not the other guy? What if it’s both of you?
    I apologize, I’ll stop it.

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  5. LOL! Sorry, but I decided to just embrace the crazy.

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