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You Gullible Fool

Today is April 1st, which means people will be running around telling lies to each other so they can then yell April Fools Day and chortle at the ridiculous gullibility of the person they have just pranked.


Prankster: I’m so sorry to tell you this, but your mother was just killed in a horrific car accident; there were pieces of her everywhere.

Gullible Fool: That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard; I think I might have a heart attack.

Prankster: April Fools! You should see the look on your face.

Gullible Fool: Oh, thank goodness.

Prankster: Yeah. I mean, she is dead, but she’s not in pieces. They can’t find her left eyeball, but the rest of her is all there.

Gullible Fool: That’s not any better!

Prankster: April Fools! She’s not dead at all.

Gullible Fool: Stop doing that to me.

Prankster: Of course, she’s not dead. She is in a coma, and that thing about her left eyeball is true, but she is definitely not dead.

(Long, awkward pause.)

Gullible Fool: Well?

Prankster: Well, what?

Gullible Fool: You are going to say April Fools again and tell me my mother is fine, right?

Prankster: Actually, your mom is in a pretty bad coma; you should probably get to the hospital as soon as possible.

Gullible Fool: I hate you.

Prankster: I know, but seriously, we should hurry; she’s not in good shape.

Do you see how much fun April Fools Day can be?

I can’t wait to find some friends and pretend one of their loved ones is dead; it’s going to be the best.

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