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Loo review – City of Westminister “Loo of the year” award winner

I seldom reblog, but I feel this is more or less a public service announcement…if you happen to be in Westminster and you suddenly need the use of a public restroom.

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11 thoughts on “Loo review – City of Westminister “Loo of the year” award winner

  1. A pub owner in Ireland recently spent a lot of money putting up new his/her doors for bathroom. Both doors opened to the empty field behind the place.


  2. Ha! I got a good laugh out of this post, but I can tell that MM is young and inexperienced. After a few more decades on the planet, she won’t have to ask what else people might wash in the sinks of a public loo. Instead, like me, she’ll be permanently scarred by the knowledge of exactly what they wash.


  3. Such a funny post. Thanks for the link. A pepper by the potty. Ha!


  4. This post was quite a find! Thanks. (Sorry, that sounds spam like, doesn’t it. But I assure you, I will neither try to sell you anything nor continue this message in Chinese. I promise!)


  5. Thanks for this update on the public conveniences in Westminster via TheMM. As a regular attendee (NB of this blog, not of said convenience) I’m heartily encouraged that The MM’s concern for human tolerance extends to such lengths. What commitment must this person have for our safety that they should enter, use/abuse, notate and report on facilities of this kind. I’m deeply thankful for this contribution to our greater good. PS I think I may have seen this person “in reporto” so to speak in a toilet the other day. I hope I was mistaken)


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