Illegal in 38 states–frowned upon in the rest.

Angry Response from Eduardo a Bolivian Pudding Maker

Dear Mr. Idiotprufs,

I wish to register a complaint in the strongest terms possible.

In your recent blog post: What was That Crunchy Thing in My Pudding? you blatantly mischaracterized the nature of the pudding manufacturing industry in Bolivia. We have many fine pudding factories here in Bolivia, only some of which have Egyptian dung beetle infestations.

Let’s be honest, dung beetles remove the dung from the factories. How is that a bad thing?

In your post, you also described workers in a Bolivian pudding factory as “laughing hysterically” at the prospect of rat feces falling into a vat of pudding. I have worked in a Bolivian pudding factory for years and I have seen rat feces fall into vats of pudding literally thousands of times, not one time have I “laughed hysterically.”

And don’t attempt to point out the E. coli clusters that have been cropping up; they are statistical anomalies and nothing more.

I hope that you will take this letter to heart; I would hate to be forced to hunt you down like the American dog you are.

Best regards,

Eduardo, a Bolivian pudding maker.

PS: Seriously. Stop it or I’ll kill you.


Stop it, or we’ll put something really nasty in your pudding.


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11 thoughts on “Angry Response from Eduardo a Bolivian Pudding Maker

  1. At least he didn’t try to tell you it was just extra protein.


  2. Rice? You’re gonna put rice in my pudding if I don’t behave? I hate rice pudding …


  3. Ok, I think it’s time to add a disclaimer on Bolivian puddings that eating them (and complaining about crunchy stuff in the Bolivian pudding on the Internet) can lead to death.


  4. That is a horrifying…HORRIFYING picture.


  5. Ha! Very funny, although that face in the pudding is totally creeping me out.


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