Illegal in 38 states–frowned upon in the rest.

10 More Reasons People Unfollow This Blog

top ten

Number 10

I lost virtually all my Neo-Nazi followers after a post entitled: Adolph Hitler: He Was Kind of a Dick.

Note: the few remaining Neo-Nazi followers were driven off by my series of posts about Kosher foods and why they’re awesome.

Number 9

The vicious attacks by members of the Justin Bieber fan club have begun to take their toll. (12-year-old girls are just plain mean.)

Number 8

The entire Piers Morgan fan club, promised vengeance after overreacting to a few innocuous things I wrote about the condescending pompous twit. (Seriously. Both his fans were really pissed.)

Number 7

While Kim Kardashian’s oiled-up nude buttocks didn’t break the internet; it broke something inside me.

Note: The Kardashians as a whole, broke Bruce Jenner.

Number 6

Transgender followers of this blog, offended by my characterization of Bruce Jenner as broken, just hit the unfollow button.


After exhaustively searching the internet, I found a picture of Kim Kardashian fully clothed.

Number 5

Despite its fall in 1991, the influence of the Politburo of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union has lingered.

Note: it’s unclear what effect the highest policy-making government authority in the formerly communist Soviet Union, has had on this blog, but I am certain it’s not good.

Number 4

My undying devotion to Donald Trump has alienated a few followers: Democrats, Republicans, illegal immigrants, former cast members of The Apprentice, and Hair Club for Men members.

Number 3

After my ugly break with the Church of Scientology, Tom Cruise’s army of thugs have been relentless in their opposition of this blog.

Number 2

Although they’re no longer on the air, the Amish Mafia never forgets.

Note: Conversely, the former cast of The Jersey Shore can’t remember what they had for breakfast. (They had scrambled eggs, tequila, and steroids.)

Number 1

After the alcohol induced haze passes, people realize this blog is crap.

Honorable Mention

This post.


It is odd the WordPress spell check function doesn’t recognize the word unfollow, but the WordPress site uses the word unfollow? Just asking.


Get your act together WordPress.


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17 thoughts on “10 More Reasons People Unfollow This Blog

  1. LOL !! (again)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice post – I much just follow you to go an unfollow you again – P.S. I did not know WordPress had a spell check, I just use Chrome’s


  3. You are so lucky you didn’t say anything bad about Taylor Swift. Her tween followers are even more vicious than Justin Bieber’s.


  4. longchaps2 on said:

    I’m curious, what happens when you anger the Amish Mafia? Do they make you wear buttons on your clothes?


  5. I want you to know that I would unfollow you anywhere.


  6. OK you win! 🙂


  7. 1)I’ve never had any 12 yr old’s be mean to me cause I detest Justin Beaver Ya! I said Beaver!! What about it!!!,2) I think Donald Trump owns the Hair Club/Backwards over sweep Club’s rights on Hair Spray and is personally responsible for almost all holes in the ozone layer!3) The Amish Mafia is a made up bunch of wanna bee’s by the tv station that shows it! They are a joke!
    4)I’ve heard rumors Tom Cruise has split form the Scientology nuts, so it’s probably not his thugs following you, so watch your back!!
    5) That’s about all for now…..Carry on! 🙂


  8. Ha! You are seriously funny 😉


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