Illegal in 38 states–frowned upon in the rest.

Mayoral Edicts of Mortal Consequence

idiotprufs, death is forbidden

If it’s on a sign, you must obey it.

It’s been a while since I first reported, Guilio Cesare Fava, the mayor of a Falciano Del Massico ordered the residents of the small town in southern Italy not to die. He stated that there was no room in the cemetery, therefore all residents were ordered by official edict, to refrain from entering the afterlife until the proper permits could be obtained and provisions made for a new resting place.

He also reportedly said, “death is depressing and icky and we’ll have none of it around here.”

With the combination of red tape, the propensity for governmental committees to move forward with the pace of an Icelandic glacier and the confusion manifested by the fact that nearly every member of Falciano Del Massico’s town council is named Luigi, the situation has shown little improvement. Compounded with the fact that some of the residents of Falciano Del Massico have taken it upon themselves to violate the mayors edict, things have grown even more dire.

“It’s just so frustrating,” Guilio said. “Just the other day I was standing in line at the market and the guy in front of me just dropped dead…the gall of it.”

Violators of the mayors edict have been placed into wooden boxes and buried in the ground. The punishment seems harsh, but law and order must be maintained.


idiotprufs, grim reaper

“Edict? I have a job to do.”


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13 thoughts on “Mayoral Edicts of Mortal Consequence

  1. That was really funny, thank you. I have actually killed a couple of garden gnomes, so the world is now a safer place.


  2. Geez. Next they’ll put the violators in boxes and then burn the boxes. Harsh.


  3. Oh dear. I have just thrown out the frozen goji berries my sister in law gave me. They are supposed to make you live for ever, but they’re just plain nasty. Best not move to Falciano Del Massico then…


  4. Even though I live in the States I plan to adhere to the Mayor’s edict and never die.


  5. What’s wrong with this world when people can’t even wait to die until it’s convenient for everyone else? Sheesh.


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