Illegal in 38 states–frowned upon in the rest.

Lightning Strikes and Other Lucky Occurrences.

Roy Sullivan, a Virginian park ranger, had a strange ability: surviving lightning strikes. He survived seven separate lightning strikes.

  • The first lightning strike hit his leg and knocked the toenail off his big toe.
  • The second lightning strike burned off his eyebrows and knocked him unconscious.
  • The third lightning strike seared his shoulder.
  • The fourth lightning strike set his hair on fire.
  • The fifth lightning strike ripped through his hat, set his hair on fire, and knocked him from his truck wearing only one shoe.
  • The sixth lightning strike injured his ankle.
  • The seventh lightning strike left him with chest and stomach burns.

It lead to the phrase “it sucks to be Roy, he is one unlucky bastard” to be uttered many times, after being struck by lightning seven times.

It also lead to the phrase “holy crap, that Roy is one lucky bastard” to also be uttered, after surviving all seven lightning strikes.

It caused countless arguments among his friends and family, as to whether or not Roy was lucky or unlucky. They would get into fist fights and dump potato salad over each other’s heads. The only thing they could all agree on was to stay far away from Roy when a storm approached.

Are you a glass half-full or a glass-half empty person?

Here are some examples:

Glass half-empty: Whoa, that bird just crapped on my shoulder.

Glass half-full: Whoa, that bird didn’t crap on my face.

Glass half-empty: I got so drunk last night; I can’t remember what I did.

Glass half-full: I got so drunk last night; thank goodness I can’t remember what I did.

Glass half-empty: That wind storm knocked my jack-ass neighbor’s tree onto my car and destroyed it.

Glass half-full: My jack-ass neighbor’s insurance has to pay for my new car.

Glass half-empty: My neighbor could read this and be pissed-off.

Glass half-full: My neighbor could be pissed-off.


So which are you: half-full or half-empty?

For your enjoyment: a few photos of Roy Sullivan.

Roy Sullivan and his lightning damaged hat.
image source:

Roy in a building.
image source:

Roy sitting in a tree.

Roy in his car.
image source:

Roy visiting the Statue of Liberty.
image source:

Roy in another tree.
image source:

Roy standing by some cacti.
image source:

Roy on the USS Truman.
image source:

Roy swimming in the ocean.
image source:

Roy and his twin brother swimming in the ocean.
image source:

Roy gets elected to Congress.
image source:

Roy at the Eiffel Tower.
image source:

Roy on his way home from Paris.
image source:

Roy at home.
image source:


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23 thoughts on “Lightning Strikes and Other Lucky Occurrences.

  1. Incredible quest there. What happened after?
    Take care!


  2. now I completely comprende!!!


  3. Your blog never fails to inform and entertain. My best to Roy.


  4. Congrats on winning Jill’s caption contest 🙂


  5. Wow!! Great post…check this out though, YOU WON!! Congrats and thanks for being so witty 🙂


  6. Still giggling over all the lightning strike pics. Poor Roy.

    The half-full/half-empty question depends on the glass. If it contains something I dislike, it’s half-full. If it contains something I like, it’s half-empty. If it contained beer, it’s completely empty.


  7. twindaddy on said:

    My glass is broken. What does that mean?


  8. Excellent one. My, that Roy boy sure gets around. Must really suck to be Roy’s wife, or wives.


  9. I want to be the young, fresh Lindsay, but I’m mostly the haggard Lindsay.


  10. Well, if that’s true about Roy, then he must be part feline, which means he has two lives left.

    I try to be glass half-full, but the cynic in me fights it. Maybe a lightning strike could fix that.


  11. Okay, the last part with the videos made me laugh hard. Good work.


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