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Erin Go Bankrupt! Leprechauns A Wee Bit Swindled

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The Grimm Report

6401488_d603fef6c8 Moneybags Potfiller. Image By Kris Krug

A Special Report By Grimm Report Chief Money Correspondent,
Larry Shampoe | @idiotprufs

In a tragic tale of misplaced trust and greed, a number of leprechauns from County Kerry, Ireland have lost their life savings to an elaborate Ponzi scheme. While most of the leprechauns have declined to comment, one leprechaun, Tweedle McBumpers, has decided to open up about the events. “It’s tragic,” Tweedle said fighting back anger. “Most of us have lost everything. No more gold. No more pot to keep it in. You know that old phrase ‘he doesn’t have a pot to crap in’? Well that’s us. There’s nothing at end of this leprechaun’s rainbow but despair and big vacant spot where a pot of gold should be.”

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4 thoughts on “Erin Go Bankrupt! Leprechauns A Wee Bit Swindled

  1. Thanks again. Great reporting, as always! May your pot runneth over.


  2. I know how Tweedle McBumpers feels. I feel the same way when there’s nothing but an empty bowl at the end of my Rainbow Sherbet.


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